Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vacation, So-Called ;P

There's nothing quite like packing to go away for the week and receiving a phone call from your bank, letting you know that your credit card has been canceled because someone in Eastern Europe just tried to charge $119 worth of boner pills at a Walgreens in Illinois.  (Yes, this actually happened just over a week ago.)  I don't carry much in the way of credit cards, primarily to make identity theft easier to deal with for, not if, but when it happens -- but the timing on this was particularly inconvenient.  The bank promised to overnight the new card to my hotel.  It arrived four days later.  Luckily we brought enough cash to deal, but...geez.

The vacation itself was nice, once the finances got straightened out.  My wife loves the beach; I am a bit more "meh" about it, but I have a much easier time relaxing and being in my head wherever I am than she does.  Still, it was very nice not to have to cook, clean or worry about the household for an entire week.

Of course, like an idiot I dove in with both feet yesterday:  five hour drive home, four loads of laundry, cut and edge the lawn since I knew we were expecting rain today...I must have been out of my bleeding mind.  I can barely type this up, much less be any kind of productive today.

Still, believe it or not, it was a nice rest...and it's good to be back.

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