Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Entertainment Weekly Near-Miss

Two weeks ago I fired off a letter to Entertainment Weekly in response to an article they published entitled, "The 25 Greatest Superheroes Ever."  Sadly, my favorite hero, Green Lantern, did not make their cut, so I wrote to them and begged to differ with their choices.  Last week they made contact with me about permission to publish my letter this week, which I enthusiastically granted.

Sadly, my moment of fame was not to be.  They went with a letter giving some love to the Wonder Twins instead.

Seriously.  The freaking Wonder Twins.  One could shapeshift into any animal, and the other one could turn into...water.

So, herewith, my unpublished (and far superior!) letter in support of GL:

"Dear EW -- 

"I love your magazine, and have been a subscriber practically since Day One.  I wish, however, that you had shown Green Lantern a little love in the 25 Greatest Superheroes Ever article in issue #1261/1262.  Sure, the movie with Ryan Reynolds was a little disappointing -- although not as dreadful as most critics would have us believe -- but the character is just, well, the Greatest Ever.  Think about it.  To be a Green Lantern, you don't have to be an orphaned billionaire, or be a powerful alien from another world, or be bitten by a radioactive wolverine -- you just have to be The Right Guy.  If you're honest, and capable of overcoming your fear, you can wield the greatest weapon in the universe for the Forces Of Good, and you're limited only by your imagination.  And the original costume as designed by Gil Kane in the 1960's is pretty groovy. (Those white gloves!  Those green go-go boots!)

"I don't know who should be bumped from the list -- I have to admit that your choices are all pretty great.  Any list that includes Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman, the Incredibles and Buffy is aces by me.  I just wish poor Hal Jordan, who for me will always be the greatest hero ever, could have made it in there somehow.

"Sincerely, Harrisburg, PA

"PS -- The 5 Worst list is also pretty spot on.  I have undying love for any magazine that knows who Matter-Eater Lad is, much less puts him in at Number 1 Worst."

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