Friday, May 24, 2013

Man of Steel -- What's YOUR House?

This is fun.  If you're any kind of comic book fan, like I am, then you're probably at least interested in how director Zack Snyder will be approaching his reboot of Superman's origin mythology in a few weeks when Man of Steel opens on June 13th.

In the meantime, while you're waiting for the movie, you can answer a few personality-profile questions and determine to which Kryptonian "House" you would have belonged.  You can go to the Man of Steel "glyph app" here and give it a spin:  Man of Steel Glyph Creator App

You will remember, of course, that Superman's birth name is Kal-El.  He is the son of Jor-El of the House of El, and Lara Lor-Van.  (On Krypton, women take their father's full name as their last name.  Only DC Comics knows why.)  Other Houses, both great and infamous, include the Houses of Ur, Em, Van and Zod.

I have to be honest; I did mine twice.  The first time I was sorted into the House of Ak.  Although it had a much cooler shield than does the House of Zar, it was, well, Ak.  It sounds like a hairball.  "Thomas-Ak" just did not have the Kryptonian ring that Tom-Zar does.  And, to be fair, I was a lot more honest about answering the questions the second time around.  So there's that.

["Thomas-Ak" -- see what I mean?  Nice shield, but...Ak.]


  1. Antonio-Ak

    Though my shield is different. I was under the impression the shield you get was identical for everyone in a particular house.

  2. Mine was Carl-Zar........a Totally awesome