Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sometimes It Works

A couple of posts ago ("Champion of the Oppressed!"), I berated DC Comics for choosing writer Orson Scott Card for their new digital Adventures of Superman comic series.  I objected to Mr. Card because of his very outspoken stances against marriage equality and homosexuality.  I believe that, of all the characters in the DC stable, Superman is the last character that should be explored by such an opinionated individual.  Superman is the Big Blue Boy Scout, the champion of, yes, the oppressed.  He is the epitome of every fight against injustice and for equality, and it is therefore inappropriate at best for someone like Card to take the reins of one of his books.

It appears that the fan backlash against this choice has had some pleasantly unforeseen consequences.  Artist Chris Sprouse has left the project because of the controversy.  You can read about it here at the New York Times site:

Good for you, Mr. Sprouse.  Here's hoping that the other artists DC uses will stand with you.

[An example of Chris Sprouse's artwork for the character of Superman.]

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