Wednesday, March 13, 2013


No, not the Talking Mule, although chances are he would make a better Pope for the Roman Catholic church than the one that was just elected by the conclave of cardinals in Rome.  (And he'd probably be less of an ass.  Sorry, I couldn't resist.)  Just about every Catholic I know has prayed for a papacy that would be more accepting of gays, lesbians, transgender and bisexual people -- you know, in accordance with the teachings of that Christ guy -- and for a church more willing to be progressive concerning the roles of women and celibacy for the priesthood.  Instead they are getting an archbishop from Argentina but with an Italian name -- shades of Ratzinger's Hitler Youth past, only with Mussolini -- who is openly, proudly and fiercely opposed to same-sex marriage.  Cardinal Bergoglio has chosen the papal name Francis.  He will be the first of that name.

The low whirring sound you hear is Francis of Assisi spinning in his grave.

Addendum, the morning after -- so far the news media is being extraordinarily kind, describing the new pope as kind, humble, prayerful, willing to walk with the poor and disenfranchised, etc., ad nauseam.  Lovely, really.  As long as the poor and disenfranchised are straight, Catholic, and willing to forego any and all use of birth control, why, they have a special place in the new pope's heart.  The rest of us can go to Hell -- and in his book, we will.  I've heard almost no mention of his long and bitter fight -- a fight which he lost, for which I am thankful -- against gay marriage and gay adoption in his home nation of Argentina.  This partitioning and dismissal of a significant portion of the population does not speak to me of inclusion or humility.  I stand by my original assessment:  Francis of Assisi must be spinning in his grave.

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