Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Tragedy.

Damn it, I am sick unto death of having to come onto this forum and bemoan another gun tragedy.  This is the worst by far.  Ten days before Christmas some idiot (and yes, I know his name, and no, I will not dignify him or immortalize him by printing it here) some idiot goes into an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and kills twenty kids, four adults and himself AFTER stopping to murder his mom, who was a teacher there.  He had a Glock and a Sig and Bushmaster rifle (the American AK-47) and I am sick, sick, sick of the gun debate.  It's time for the debate to end.  This bull with guns has to stop.  Period.

And don't tell me about the second amendment.  Screw your second amendment.  It was written for a different culture, a different society and a different time.  We no longer have to worry about invaders or despots coming down our streets and into our homes and requiring citizen militias to push them back into the sea.  We have an army and police and a national guard and they are all brilliant first responders and absolute geniuses at what they do.  They don't need me sticking my oar in.

Nobody needs an automatic handgun to hunt.  Nobody needs an automatic rifle for pest control.

And please be warned.  If I hear anybody say that they will take their guns when they pry them from their cold dead hands, I would respectfully direct their attention to the 40 cold dead hands that forty parents in Connecticut are weeping into.  Then I will punch the gun defender right in the face.  And if I hear anybody say that if THEY had been there with THEIR guns, "things would have been different" (yeah, you, nephew Steve) I will also punch them right in their face.  Right in their face.  Try me.

We only need guns for protection because there are so many føç≠ing guns.  Get rid of the guns and you get rid of the problem.

There are too many crazy idiots out there, too many guns, and it's too damned easy for them to arm themselves.  I'm just putting my heart back together from the Colorado Theater shooting, and now this.

I ask our politicians to grow a pair and start a meaningful discussion about the best way to begin the de-arming of America.  And the best way to get the NRA money out of their pockets.  We can't lose any more innocent children.

We can't.

ADDENDUM:  Shortly after I wrote this piece, I found this article over at The Onion.  Normally a site I visit for humor, for a smile, for some satire.  They sure got it right today:,30743/

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