Thursday, May 31, 2012

Karl Rove's Latest

I guess if I wanted to get more hits on the site I should have called this post "Karl Rove is a Lying Sack of Excrement" or something even less family-friendly.  But I couldn't let Rove's Crossroads GPS super-pac's latest go by without making some comment about the depths to which this Bunson Honeydew look-alike will stoop.  Apparently they have no bottom to hit.

Here in Pennsylvania -- almost certainly a battleground state in November -- Rove has been running an ad featuring a middle-aged woman looking worried and doing the narration.  She talks about how she used to love watching her boys play basketball out in the driveway back in the good days, but now that they're home and jobless, why, it just breaks her heart.  Just like Barack Obama did.

"He spoke so beautifully," she mourns, before going off on how dreadful the nation has become under his watch.  How his socialist spending will continue to make our great nation circle the drain in its Democratic downward spiral.  How she deeply regrets supporting him, but can't continue to do so.  The ad was made before Romney sewed up the Republican nomination, so it ends with a plea to "tell President Obama" to essentially cut his own manhood off and do whatever it is John Behner tells him to do this week.  And to stop his Marxist, anti-American, tax-and-spend policies, please God, before it's too late.

What a load of crap.  What an INCREDIBLE load of crap.  No wonder the actress playing this forlorn mom is doing it in such a crappy wig.  I wouldn't want to be recognized either.

I am almost as sick of the conservative lies as I am of the Democrats and liberals taking the bloody high road and never fighting back or challenging this nonsense.

On the claim that things are worse, in terms of jobs and this poor woman's sons being unable to find any work:

That's George W. Bush in red and Barack Obama in blue.  Are things as good as we would like them to be?  No.  But since March of 2010, the Obama administration has been creating jobs every month, not losing them.  It would be great if we could break 300,000 some month, and if Obama is allowed to continue in office, we probably will.  But the simple fact remains that this administration is creating jobs, not killing them.

It never fails to amaze me how the Republicans and conservatives go after the very people they ultimately hurt the most, and these people love them for it.  Pennsylvania is usually a blue state, yes, but only because of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.  In between, where I am, in the central part of the state, politics and religion are very, very conservative.  I'm talking a cross between Utah and Mississippi here.  I have been sitting in the locker room in my gym and heard two men my age bemoaning the fact that they "have lived to see a [n-word] in the White House.  I have heard people talking about the perils of Obamacare and bemoaning the fact that they cannot find a decent specialist here in PA without months of waiting for an appointment during the same conversation.  Because making private insurance companies take on just about everybody for health coverage and pooling their resources to still make a profit is clearly socialist.  If it's Marxist, it's Groucho Marx they're talking about, not Karl.

And yet the good blue collar folks here seem to have no idea that the real class warfare is not Obama versus The Rich, but the rich against the middle class.  As the old saying goes, folks, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.  And it's the middle class that's taking it right up their collective wazoo:

There is no doubt in my mind that Karl Rove and Roger Ailes and the rest of the billionaires who are trying to make Mitt Romney seem like our savior and avenger do not represent my best interests.  Granted, I'm an old hippie.  I have seen how government-sponsored health care functions in other countries, like Italy and France and Canada, and I believe it could work here.  I'm also a chronically ill person who has had to fight with insurance companies on and off over the years for everything from pre-existing conditions to getting the tests that are actually right for me.  And I can say that when I got sick in Italy?  They just took care of me.  Can the United States honestly not do something better than Italy?  I refuse to believe it.

Rove knows that Obama is popular with women, and this ad is blatantly aimed at women.  If I were a woman I would find that line in the ad about how Obama "spoke so beautifully" to be incredibly offensive.  Oh, hell; I'm a man, and I STILL find it incredibly offensive.

I hope it blows up in his fat face.  I hope every person with a voice speaks up and plugs away over and over with truth whenever a lie is told or a fact is misrepresented or twisted.  I'm middle class.  And I refuse to go quietly.

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