Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Goin' Viral

So it turns out that it's not all allergies plaguing me after all.  I have some sort of viral crud, going on about nine days now.  My wife has it as well, and there are times when we literally are too ill to care for one another.  And, as you can imagine, walking the dog is quite the treat.

Antibiotics haven't touched this sucker, so it's got to be viral.  I took enough Gorillacillin to knock out a legion's worth of Legionnaire's Disease and ... nothing.  Still can't breathe, still aching all over, still coughing up little pieces of lung tissue and nickels I swallowed when I was five.

This bronchities whatever-it-is is worse than the flu.

We don't seem to be getting better; each day is as bad as or worse than the previous one.  And there's no freaking FEVER, so my body is not doing all it can to show the little viral bastards the door.  At least with a fever, you're miserable ... but then it breaks, the high body temperature having done its job of killing off the little microbe s.o.b.'s without quite taking you with them.  This illness, on the other hand, just goes on and on and on.  Can't rest because I can't lie down.  Can't lie down because when I do, I can't breathe.  And if I do manage to fall asleep, a coughing fit from either me or my beloved wakes me right up, pronto.

Whatever this is, I hope all of you manage to steer clear of it.

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