Thursday, March 15, 2012

Keeping the Romance Alive

Last night I mentioned to my wife that I planned to shave off my goatee today.  I started growing one about six weeks ago mainly because I was bored with my standard Uncle Fester look, but I have been feeling like it does nothing to enhance my looks, and in fact makes me look older than I am.  Making me look older or look like my father were deal-breakers in the goatee experiment.  And the hot weather is coming, a time when hair on the face is not exactly welcome.  If the non-winter we just had is any indication (sorry, House Stark, Winter isn't Coming, at least not to Pennsylvania this year) then I can expect a deadly hot and humid spring and summer.  Sweating out through even a small beard is no fun -- I used to wear a full beard until it started going grey and a well-meaning woman in the Wendy's asked me how old was my granddaughter?

Long story less long, I mentioned to my wife that when I did my weekly haircut, as I usually do on a Thursday morning, I was taking off the whiskers.

She objected.

I was a bit surprised, because up until now she hadn't really weighed in on the whole "to grow or not to grow" issue.  I asked her why she thought I should keep it.

She said, "Olivia [our daughter] likes it, and I think it gives your face a little character.  It keeps you from looking like a roll-on deoderant."

(Italics mine.)

She then backpedaled a bit, no doubt due to the pained expression on my face.  She commented that I looked better with it than without it, because without it I had the whole Uncle Fester thing going on. (And she's right, without it, I do.)  She said that at the Oscars, Kevin Spacey and Tom Hanks were sporting new goatees, and Peter Gabriel, a musician she finds infinitely sexy, has worn one for years.  So there's that.

And apparently, I also won't be mistaken for a vintage tube of Ban.  That's how we roll here in Chez Borror-Hayes -- keepin' the romance alive.

Not a roll-on or an Addams!

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