Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bullet Points

No rhyme or reason to these; just things that hit me this week.  I would have posted a more organized essay, but a nasty fall down the stairs thoroughly scrambled any more coherent thoughts I may have had in the works.  I'm fine; just too achey to be much in the profundity department.  Here goes:

• My favorite quote this week comes from Stephen Colbert: "Wisconsin should love Rick Santorum.  He's a big wheel of Colby cheese:  white, not too sharp and holier than thou."

Aquaman is one of the best comic books being published.  And I never thought I would put those words together in that order in a sentence.  It's actually better than Green Lantern.

• A note to Pennsylvania drivers:  If you have to swing over into another lane to make a turn -- especially if it's the lane I happen to be in at the time -- and you're not driving a 1937 Packard, maybe you ought to reconsider driving at all.  Seriously.  Stay the ƒø¢# home.

• To whomever is making the bomb threats at my daughter's university:  you really need to stop.  It's not a prank.  It's a federal crime.  And the FBI will seriously mess up the rest of your life when they catch you.

• Thank you, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for making filing taxes electronically (A) the only way to file at all and (B) as difficult as possible.  My daughter's taxable income was TWO DOLLARS last year, thanks to checking account interest and the complete lack of summer jobs for students, AND SHE STILL HAD TO FILE.  And it took over an hour.  If there is a Republican administration that isn't a bunch of morons, I have yet to live under their rule.

More as I think of them....

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