Friday, October 14, 2011

Dreams and Nightmares

That's what the past week has been for me, a strange combination of dreams and nightmares.  One of the dreams come true is that I was invited to write toy reviews -- of Green Lantern toys no less! -- by a leading action figure website.  (More on this if and when they actually decide to use my stuff.)  I've spent the past week learning how to use our camera for close-up stills, setting up a little photo studio in our dining room, and snapping pictures of the box of toys that was sent to me.  It's been great fun for me, and really is something I have dreamed of doing for a long, long time.  I'm just thrilled to have been asked at this point; actually seeing the reviews on-line will be the icing on the cake.  (And if they decide against using my stuff, you can bet it'll show up here.)

On the other hand, one of the nightmares has been the personal tragedy that has enfolded a dear, dear friend.  The nightmare is not only in their circumstances, but in my complete inability to even begin to get my head around how I can possibly be of any help.  I won't go into the details.  I will only say that it seems I am able to do nothing except to care and sympathize and love ... and it doesn't seem to be nearly enough.

As to a far lesser matter, we have determined -- we think! -- at long last where the trickle of water is coming from in our basement every time we have a hard rain.  The ash pit under our fireplace seems to be leaking ground water when the ground water levels get to be high enough.  The water has been filling this pit under our fireplace like a cistern, and seeping into the basement along the join where wall meets floor. The water vapor from this underground pool has actually seeped up around the fireplace and severely damaged the drywall surrounding the fireplace.  It's all going to have to be replaced.  The fix is going to cost us just a couple of dollars shy of $6,000.00, and that's just for the excavation, repair, and resealing of the foundation.  The drywall will be still more.  And with a daughter in college, this is money we really don't have.  It will wipe out our emergency savings and then some, and if another hurricane comes along and does damage to my roof or my windows, for example, we will be in serious, serious trouble.

So that's the past week.  A little good, a lot of bad, and all of it what life is, I guess.  I shouldn't moan about the basement, I know -- I'm blessed to have an income, and to have a roof over my head (even if is a leaky one) when so many of us live from paycheck to paycheck and don't have a home at all.  Or if they did, they would find a fix like this completely beyond their means.

The dream and nightmare both, of home ownership at least.

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