Thursday, June 16, 2011


Yes, Green Lantern opens TOMORROW!  I can't wait; initial reactions from sneak preview screenings are very positive indeed!  Critics are comparing it to Iron Man 1, which I consider to be the finest superhero movie made so far.

So today we have two posters!  First off, Kilowog!  Kilowog is an alien who serves the Green Lantern Corps as their drill sergeant.  He trains new recruits in the use of the ring and has a reputation of being extremely tough on the rookies, which he calls, "poozers."

And then there's the villain of the piece, Hector Hammond.  In the comics, Hammond was an unscrupulous scientist who was Hal Jordan's rival for the affections of Carol Ferris.  Hammond discovered a form of radiation in some meteorites that had the unique property of accelerating evolution. He accidentally over-exposed himself to it and developed a huge head and brain at the expense of a withered body.  He has fantastic mental powers but is forced to live motionless, trapped in a useless husk of a body.  It'll be interesting to see how the movie portrays him:

Did I mention that the movie opens TOMORROW!?!

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