Monday, April 18, 2011

"It's Been a Quiet Week..."

It really has.  No great thoughts have crossed my mind, so here are some brief updates:

• My daughter's friend Clare is back home safe from Japan.  She can't wait to return.
• Speaking of my daughter, I could not be prouder of her and her peers at the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg.  They put on the best Palm Sunday Youth Service yet.  Awesome job.
• We continue to look at dorm and meal plan options for this fall at U. of Pittsburgh.  I don't know what I'll do with myself when she leaves.
• I continue to work on my Easter "swan song" Member Reflection from the pulpit next Sunday.  I've decided it's time to let some others in on this opportunity for personal growth.  The text of that reflection will probably show up here next week.
• Dr. Jim Haines continues to work on the hymn for which I've written lyrics.  I never imagined my words would get to wear such pretty clothes.
• This past week our basement leaked for the first time in, well, ever, during the most torrential rainstorms we've ever seen.  I have to learn masonry, fast.

That's about it.  Enjoy Spring if you can!

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