Thursday, January 6, 2011

Start the New Year Right!

Unfortunately, I don't have any essays ready to start off the new year. I have simply been too wrapped up in everyday banalities to give much thought to anything of depth or substance. After a lot of wrangling with the health insurance company I finally was able to begin treatment of a tooth that first became abscessed last November. After going on antibiotics for a second time, I got the thing extracted earlier today.

The left side of my face feels like a huge bee sting.

And I just posted elsewhere that the damage from the multiple infections was so widespread that I had to have bone grafts of tissue from cadavers implanted. I AM THE WALKING DEAD.

Not really. But I'll be two months healing before I can begin with an implant or a bridge.

Always floss, kids. Always floss.

Off to try to get some sleep despite the jaw pain and the ongoing GI fallout from all the antibiotics. Tomorrow I try to talk my gastroenterologist into deliberately infecting me with hookworm -- the next crazy cure for Crohn's Disease that I want to try.

Hell, I have to come up with a winner one of these days.

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