Tuesday, November 16, 2010


In my last post -- which I hope you will read, by the way, because I really am proud of that story! -- I made brief mention of a dental abscess with which I've been dealing for about two weeks now.  I just got home from the endodontist, who basically said, "Not my job."  My dentist had diagnosed the abscess as coming from a previous root canal which needed to be retreated.  The endodontist could find no fault with the root canal, and thinks that the abscess is coming from a PERIOdontal problem.  So now I need to wait still longer to see a different specialist.  And I'm still in pain.  Admittedly, the pain is not excruciating, by virtue of the fact that the tooth in question had a root canal and is essentially largely dead, but still -- I am in some pain.

I miss the old days when my dentist did all this stuff, I really do.  And I surely hope that I don't have to lose this tooth.

Owning a body is like owning a house, I guess.  There's always something that needs to be fixed, or worse, replaced.

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