Monday, July 19, 2010

Some Like It Hot...

...but not me.  The weather here in central Pennsylvania has been insanely, unseasonably hot.  Normal temperatures here are in the low eighties Fahrenheit; we have been in the range of upper nineties to lower hundreds.  For my friends in the rest of the normal, metric world, we are talking forty degrees C.  Hot.  Too damned hot.

Today we were once again well into the nineties F.  The weather is, if nothing else, playing havoc with my Crohn's Disease.  I had thought I could finally taper off the prednisone -- and I still plan to try -- but shortly after cutting the dose essentially in half as of two days ago, the pain started again; feeling like somebody was holding my small intestines closed with hot pliers.  I had really, really hoped that the last surgery meant the end of feeling like that for perhaps the rest of my life.  It is, I fear, not to be.

I have already tried increasing the immunosuppressants; I'm maxed out on the same drugs that they give to heart transplantees.  (Since Crohn's is an autoimmune disease, there is usually good success with immunosuppressants in the stubborn cases.)  My body, in its infinite stupidity, is figuring out ways around the immunosuppressant's effects and doing an end-run back into pain.

All this, and I get to be really hot, too.

Forecast is for 90 or so degrees (33-35º C.) for the rest of the week.

I will try to contain my enthusiasm for this summer's weather.

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