Monday, July 27, 2009

First post

Seeing as tomorrow is the release day for "Green Lantern: First Flight," the first animated movie starring my favorite hero, I thought it might be the right time to start a blog. I expect few hits and less controversy, but you never know....

I consider myself a big fan of GL. This year I finally got a "proper" GL ring (Hal Jordan's) made of silver and sized to my giant hand. I was heartsick that surgery in June prevented me from going to this year's San Diego Comic Con so I could try to score a set of DC Direct's Hal Jordan as a Green / Red / Yellow / Blue / Orange Lantern. And a set of Mattel's "Origins of Green Lantern" animated-style figures of Hal Jordan, Sinestro and Abin Sur. And a ... well, you get the idea.

So if you stumble across this place, and have any comments, or suggestions, or a spare set of figures from SDCC, please share them with me!

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