Monday, October 22, 2012


I actually do try not to get overly political in this blog.  I named it after a fictional planet in a comic book universe because once upon a time I had planned to use this forum to talk about funny books and action figures.  Instead I found myself diverting down staggeringly different paths, as everything from trivialities like getting a dog to serious issues involving my health found their ways onto this little soapbox of mine.  Now I find myself hitting politics once again.

But I have to.  Because this election is killing me.

I love my President, and I plan to vote for his second term.  I dislike his major competitor intensely, and I freely admit that as an atheist, or more properly, as an antitheist, I find the Governor's religious beliefs troubling as best.  The more I learn about his faith, the more it feels and sounds like something that was made up by a science fiction writer.  Planet Kolob?  Seriously?  That's just looney.  And I'm supposed to put his finger on the Big Red Button because he believes that he knows how to create jobs?  He also happens to believe that God hangs out on an alien planet!  Is this real life, or Star Trek V?  Not that I have a whole lot of respect for Mr. Obama caving in to pressure from the great unwashed middle when he started to wear his flag lapel pin and end every speech with, "God bless you, and God bless the United States of America."  I personally think that Mr. Obama is, like me, primarily a humanist who believes strongly that religion has no place in government, and vice versa, but he's having about as much success with that as Teddy Roosevelt did when he tried to get "In God We Trust" taken off our currency.

Worst of all, though, is how both of them -- and sorry, Mr. Obama, but it's true -- both of them don't answer the questions so much as they work their way around to hitting the same talking points over and over and over and over again.  If Romney talks about how he knows how to create jobs, or Obama talks about Romney's budget math not working, I'm going to scream.  Really.  The same bloody phraseology over and over.

Candidates, it's maddening.  And it's not fooling anybody.

Tonight's debate was supposed to be about foreign policy.  But it sure didn't take long to get back to the same old talking points, Governor Romney's from Fox News and Roger Ailes, and President Obama's from the DNC.  The ship has sailed on all of those sound bites, gentlemen, so put them on the shelf with those binders full of women and start answering our bloody questions!!!

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