Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summertime Blues

Whew!  Been a busy couple of weeks.  We hosted a small bash at our home for friends who were visiting us from New Zealand last weekend, and the week before was busy with preparations and the week after has been busy with cleaning up and getting work done around the house.  My wife has two weeks off starting yesterday, and so far we have absolutely no idea of how to spend them.  We're capping them off with a long weekend in NYC to catch Jim Parsons in Harvey, but even that has become something a bit bittersweet as my daughter will not be able to join us for the show after all.  (It involves a scheduling conflict far too complicated and silly to delineate here....)  So if you're going to be in The City at the end of July and want to catch a show with us, please feel free to message me here!

Tribulations with the dog have been continuing for the past couple of weeks as well.  He started panting loudly each night, all night, about a week ago, and we thought he was going through another wave of anxiety for which we could find absolutely no trigger or reason.  Turns out, he about bit the had off of the vet when he examined the dog's hindquarters.  We think he might have been in a lot of pain and that was causing the panting and the needy, clingy behavior.  All I know for sure is that he's been on an anti-inflammatory medication for three nights, and he's been fine.

So if we can figure out day care for the dog, we will try to get away with little stay-cation trips in between painting the dining room, maybe getting it a new chandelier, and all the other nonsense that goes with owning a 30+ year old home that hasn't been getting enough attention for the past couple of years.  Meanwhile, I'll keep an eye on the dog and try not to be too terribly depressed.  I just turned 59 and am already rounding up to feeling 60; Universe knows I feel far older than even that ... but I don't think that's why I've been so down in the proverbial dumps lately.  I think I just have a bad case of the Summertime Blues.  And as we all know ... there ain't no cure.

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