Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ridiculousness III

Just a short update this time.  The Pill Camera test is off.  Indefinitely.  I decided for once to be a difficult patient and refuse the test.  I can not endure another big abdominal surgery, and the risk for the pill camera getting stuck is simply too high.

You might remember me saying that the radiologist who performed my recent upper GI series said that "it was a great test.  For 1972."  It was good enough to warn me about my diverticulum being a possible danger, but not good enough to definitely make the decision of whether or not to have the test.  The best it could do was warn me of the risk.  If I had been allowed to have the proper state-of-the-art imaging test that the radiologist preferred to give me, we might have been able to make a better decision.  Perhaps now that we have it on the record that there is a risk of the pill camera getting stuck, the insurance company may allow better imaging.  This testing may even be good enough to determine whether or not I'm bleeding internally.  Or we might be able to just pass "Go" now and get me directly to the hematologist before my blood expires.  Or I do.

I should find out more after the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  In the meantime, we've been dealing with a broken pipe in the basement, the repair of which broke the house's main water shutoff.  I have a drip pan underneath the leaking main valve right now until next Wednesday when the water company turns off the water out at the street and the plumber knocks out the basement wall in order to expose enough pipe to replace the shutoff.  (Whether from the house settling or incompetence when it was built, the shutoff has for whatever reason been sucked up to right against the cinder block wall.  It could only be turned with a wrench...which is what damaged it.)  The Universe keeps trying to kill my comic book collection....

Ahh, the heck with all of it.  I'm going to play Skyrim.

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