Friday, December 30, 2011

2011: My Highs And Lows

2011 was a real roller coaster of a year, for me personally.  Here is a (very) partial list of the high points and low points from this second year from the twenty-teens:

The Highs:
• My daughter graduated from high school
• My daughter left home in August for college at the University of Pittsburgh
• I began reviewing toys as a guest reviewer for the Action Figure Times website
• Dr. Jim Haines and I wrote a new hymn for the Unitarian-Universalist hymnbook
• I delivered what I still consider to be the finest Easter message an atheist can give to our congregation
• I celebrated 27 years of marriage to the same wonderful woman
• I attended my 40th high school reunion, and it was like we all never separated

The Lows:
• My daughter left home in August for college at the University of Pittsburgh (see Highs, above)
• My health began a more precipitous decline than in previous years
• I didn't get around to adapting my short story "Bill the Stubbornest Pelican" to a children's musical
• My godfather Ben Torre passed away
• At the reunion, the list of classmates who had died was shockingly long

As you can see, partial list or not, the highs outnumbered the lows for once, for which I am very grateful.  I hope your highs outnumbered your lows in 2011, and will continue to do so in 2012.

Happy New Year.

(And a note about the first paragraph:  Yes, 2011 is the second year of the 20-teens.  2010 was the first.  The first decade -- the first ten years of this century -- are properly 2000-2009, because 2000 is the first year of the new century and not the last year of the old.  Hey, I didn't make the rules.)

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