Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some Improvements

Things have improved, somewhat.  On the home front, we have a new furnace.  It made a significant dent in our savings, but the manufacturer did something rather nice, as did our installers:  when the furnace we were sold turned out to be unavailable, they upgraded us to the next better furnace at no additional cost.  So we now have a variable-speed multi-stage gas furnace which, in theory, will pay for itself in gas savings over our previous furnace in about five years.

On a more personal front, my dental issues are being addressed.  It's been ten days since my oral surgery.  Bone grafts seem to be doing well, but I am in a lot more pain than I probably should be.  I suspect some infection still going on, which my wife tells me would not be unusual since the kind of extraction that was performed often releases a lot of bacteria into the surrounding tissues.  Friday I couldn't even touch near the area of the surgery, and that was eight days after the fact.  Today it's still very tender, but improved.  So I may have to be in touch with my dentist tomorrow regarding possible intermediate treatment.  Considering how Crohn's Disease and its treatment has damaged my immune system over the years, mucking around with an infection is probably unwise.

And finally, on a purely trivial front, I had some disappointing news about the new Green Lantern movie.  There was much rejoicing among fans and collectors when, right after Christmas, Toys'R'Us announced a special adult-collector "early bird" action figure of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern.  The figure was limited to 2,814 in number, in honor of the space sector, number 2814, which is Green Lantern's "beat" as our local space cop.  The figure was especially exciting because it appeared to come with a replica Green Lantern ring much like the one that Warner Brothers sent out to a number of celebrities to promote the film.  The replica ring is, as you can imagine, an object of considerable desire among GL fans, and this looked like a great "consolation prize:"

Alas, I received an e-mail from Toys'R'Us last night, cancelling my order.  EVERYONE had their order cancelled.  All that has been announced is that the manufacturer, Mattel, was experiencing "production difficulties."  Will the figure be re-issued?  No idea.  Was the replica ring made of lead?  No idea.  Was the container ship sunk on its way to the USA and the figures will be washing up on the shores of Mexico some time in 2012?  No idea.  A very frustrating situation for all concerned.  I can take or leave the toy, but I love that ring!

And speaking of Green Lantern's movie ring -- here is the one that WB sent out to various celebrities a few weeks ago to help promote the picture.  It even came in a nifty green-lit display box, along with a hat, a t-shirt and a goodie box designed to look as though it came from Green Lantern's "civilian" employer, Ferris Aircraft.  If any of you have it and are feeling generous, or mercenary, I'm open to talks!

Like I said, I love that ring!

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